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 Legendárky do mythic+ (nepřeloženo)

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PříspěvekPředmět: Legendárky do mythic+ (nepřeloženo)   Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:41 am

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters have a bunch of useful Legendaries. The best one is the ring. This is a huge gain for single target. The bracers and helm are also both very strong and will def increase your AoE/Cleave damage which is something you will already shine on.
Death Knight

The bracers for both specs frost and unholy are by far the best. All the other dps legendaries are decent especially for unholy, but these can make or break the spec.

Balance druids need the helm and ring to be competitive. Feral druids want Luffa Wrappings for dungeon trash and feet and hands for single target.

We’re going to ignore survival spec since you’re going to want to be playing marks or bm for dungeons. BM wants the belt and the ring Marks you really want the boots for mythic+ these boots will be a huge boost to your overall damage, and I like to combine them with the belt.

Fire is def the preferred spec at the moment and it’s going to want the bracers for boss fights def. Then you have the option of runing the helm or the ring both are great.

Windwalker is one of the stronger mythic+ classes and it’s legendaries are pretty good. The best one is the cloak abusing Touch of Karma is the easiest way to get huge damage increases(this is also a survivability increase) The boots are also a great legendary and smooth out your rotation.

Ret is simple the cloak is by far the best legendary and almost needed to do great damage. The next best is going to be the ring.

All the rogue specs are great, but outlaw is the spec you’ll want to play if you want to help carry the group. I’d consider the ring the best legendary and the other one i’d want for dungeons is prob the gloves but the boots aren’t bad either.

Shadow might be one of the weaker farming specs in the game but it can still be good in higher M+. You bring great spread dot damage and some of the best single target damage. The best legendaries are the shoulders and the belt. In some situations you might like using the ring as well.

Enhancement is great for mythic+. Ele’s alright but really is outshined by enhancement at the moment. Most of the Legendaries are useful for enhance but the one you def want to aim for is the ring. For second one I recommend the chest as it’s the best for cleave, and enhancement can use the extra cleave in M+.

All 3 specs are great for warlocks in mythic+, but let’s focus on demonology. The best legenday for all 3 specs is actually the demonology bracers. For dungeons I actually like the demonolgy ring to combine with this but the belt is always good as well.

Arms is great, especially if you want a higher single target damage class that can also cleave pretty well. You’re going to want the gloves and combine them with the ring and watch you crush all the boss fights!

So how do we farm these legendaries? Well, pretty much do anything will get you these things. They can drop from LFR, raids, dungeons, and even from the world quest caches. Make sure you do those caches everyday! But if you really want a certain legendary your best bet is farming M+ dungeons. You want to be as efficient as possible.

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Legendárky do mythic+ (nepřeloženo)
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